Academic and Professional Writing

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主题:Academic and Professional Writing

主讲人:伦敦大学学院 Paul Breen博士

主持人:新葡亰8883ent外国语学院 黄志华副教授

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主办单位:外国语学院 国际交流与合作处 科研处


Paul Breen是伦敦大学学院(UCL)的高级讲师和数字学习开发人员。他拥有曼彻斯特大学的教育博士学位,他的研究重点是学术英语背景下的教师发展和教育技术。除此之外,他还是小说、学术出版物和教科书的出版作家。他对语言、文化和社会领域感兴趣。在他教学生涯的早期,他曾在韩国和澳大利亚工作。他还在提供咨询和学术交流的基础上与几所中国大学合作。除此之外,他还定期出现在英国的报刊和广播媒体上,并经常在电视和广播中探讨与语言和文化有关的问题。

Dr Paul Breen is a Senior Lecturer and Digital Learning Developer with University College, London (UCL). He holds a PHD in Education from the University of Manchester where his research focused on teacher development and educational technology in the context of English for Academic Purposes. Aside from this, he is also a published author of fiction, academic publications and textbooks. He is interested in language, culture and society. Earlier in his teaching career he worked in South Korea and Australia. He has also worked with several Chinese universities on the basis of consultancy and academic exchange. Added to this, he has appeared in both print and broadcast media in the UK on a regular basis, often appearing on television and radio to talk about issues relating to language and culture.



The frontiers of writing have expanded rapidly in the past couple of decades, particularly with the advent of the digital age. Almost every career now requires the ability to write in a professional manner, with professional writing taken to mean that which is carried out in a workplace setting. The same is true of academic writing which demands the same amount of professionalism. Many of the skills that are needed to write professionally are also needed to be successful in academic writing. Therefore, this lecture looks at some of those skills and talks about what is needed to be a successful writer in both academic and professional contexts. Such skills include criticality, organization, discipline, planning, preparation and the development of an authorial voice.